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Society for Underprivileged Families.

Society for Underprivileged Families(SUF)

a Bangladeshi National level development organization

  The Finance and Accounts (F&A) Department:

The Finance and Accounts (F&A) Department is headed by the Director (Finance)/ Finance Manager and is directly responsible to the Executive Director(s). The department is responsible for keeping proper records of all financial transactions and for preparing various management and financial reports, as well as give necessary advice and assistances in the efficient and effective management of the organization. This department will also monitor the accounts of Partner organizations and help them to keep these records as per the Organization’s requirements.

Accounting System:

SUF shall maintain its accounts on cash and/or accrual basis, depending upon the nature of transactions. All income received during a particular year shall be accounted for in the same year. Any donation or income received in advance in a particular year, which are committed for subsequent year’s, shall not be treated as income in the year of receipt; rather this will be booked as Donation received in advance. All expenditure incurred, paid and/ or accrued shall be considered as expenditure in the year to which it relates. The accounting of SUF financial transactions shall be managed with properly designed accounting systems in accordance with internationally accepted accounting principles and accounting standards.

Accounting Period:

SUF shall maintain its Financial Year from January 01 to December 31; Individual Donor’s Account may be different as per the requirement of the donors.


The Financial Manual of the SUF shall be applicable from the date it is approved by the Executive Committee. This Manual applies to all financial aspects related to SUF and all other projects financed through SUF. This manual is the sole property of the SUF and The Executive Board of SUF may change the manual with the approval of General Board as and when required, subject to the Constitution of SUF and other applicable laws and regulations with GOB approval.

Program and Organization Management of SUF:

• Program Division
• Human Resources Management (HRM)
• Human Resources Development and Training Center
• Admin & Finance Department
• Information and Technology Department.
• Internal Control and Risk Management Sector
• Livelihood (cooperative)
• IGA program in agriculture
• Offices of SUF

Contact us

Md. Zamal Uddin
Executive Director.
Address : 475, Nayatola, Moghbazar, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh
Phone: 88-02-9338637.
Phone: 01711902185.

Contact us

Md. Tipu Sultan
Deputy Director.
Address : 475, Nayatola, Moghbazar, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh
Phone: 88-02-9338637.
Phone: 01711200269.

SUF Head Office Location:

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