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Society for Underprivileged Families.

Society for Underprivileged Families(SUF)

a Bangladeshi National level development organization

  SUF Established a multipurpose village community center in the project operational area:

A community center for multidimensional use is needed for successful implementation and sustainability of the proposed project is required. The community center at project operational villages are using for the following purposes:

• As agriculture cooperative members meeting place.
• As training venue
• For performing different social and family festivals and events
• As daily recreation and meeting place appropriate size and design will be prepared with the consultation of architect.
SUF Established post harvest processing and packaging center for marketing fresh fruits and vegetables.
In post harvest aspects, improper post harvest system led to significant product losses from the farm to table. About 5-25% of fresh fruits and vegetables in developed countries and 20-50% in developing countries are lost during postharvest handling. Causes of this loss vary with microbial contamination, mechanical and physiological factor are main factors of loss in perishable crops. In additional there is lack of proper processing and packaging. Systems, proper storage facilities, use of unsuitable health hazard chemicals such as formalin, sodium carbide for increasing shelf life and ripening of fresh produces, inappropriate mode of transportation and many other forms of postharvest handling collectively determines the product quality and profitability. Therefore, establishment of postharvest processing-packaging-storing-transportation is much needed items for the sustainability of the proposed project. A postharvest processing and packaging center for fresh fruits and vegetables will be constructed. Modern technology and non-health hazard methods will be used in processing, ripening, packaging and storing of freshly produced fruits and vegetables.

  SUF Establish the value added agriculture product processing center.

Investment of agricultural trade has been increasing significantly due to globalization, trade liberalization, promotion of market-oriented agriculture new corporate based agri business and agro-industry can increase competitiveness in international and domestic markets. But the benefits to SHFs are not due to automatic. They are not shared evenly by all stakeholder in the agriculture and rural sector. This is real threat to the sustainability of the rural SHFs. To overcome these threats a value added agriculture product processing plant incorporated for the sustainability of the project. Appropriate agriculture products are selected as per market demand and produced in small scale women worker based low cost systems.

  SUF Established a storage system for increasing the self-life in fruit vegetables and spices

In Bangladesh SHFs incurs huge loses every year for many perishable fruits and vegetables due lack of proper storage systems. This condition is especially vivid during seasonal abundance when favorable climatic conditions prevail. It seems vegetable storage means potato cold storage that can be seen in abundance elsewhere in potato growing areas in Bangladesh. Cold storage systems for different perishable seasonal vegetables such as tomatoes, cauliflowers, cabbages, carrot, and fruits like mangoes, lichee, pineapples etc. are either very limited or no existence. Therefore, the proposed project has aim to establish storage systems suitable for storing different perishable seasonal fruits, spice (onion) and vegetables. Initially a cold storage (Capacity, one thousand MT) for seed potato tubers will be established. Cold storage facilities with variable and moisture management system in different chambers as required for different perishable products will be established gradually.

  SUF Established high value crop cultivation system and process.

Sustainability of any SHF farming system means how much profit is being earned. Therefore, high value crop cultivations practices will be introduced in the project operational villages. Following crops will be selected in high value cultivation practices.
• Strawberry
• Tomato (Off season)
• Seed potato
• Green chilies (Off season)
• Egg plants (Offseason)
• Water melon
• Musk melon
Required advanced agriculture technologies for crop cultivation and postharvest processing and proper packaging with respect to specific crop will be given to the target SHFs. In addition the SHFs will be supported for marketing of fresh produces.

  SUF Promoting organic compost production and use of botanical pesticides

Through different training and workshop SUF tryining to established the use of increasing amount of organic compost and less health hazard plant based are the components in GAP for maintaining quality and safety standards of the agriculture products. Therefore, training program is arranged to increase the understanding and knowledge of production and use of organic compost using house hold organic waste and botanical pesticides.

  SUF encaraging to established of Homestead Gardening for the Production of Nutritious Food.

Recent study shows that more than 60% rural populations are suffering from malnutrition. A homestead garden (1 or 2 decimal size) will be established in each and every house hold of target SHF for the production of more nutritious fruits like strawberry, dragon fruits etc. and vegetables like carrot, pumpkin, broccoli, colored leafy vegetables etc.

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Md. Zamal Uddin
Executive Director.
Address : 475, Nayatola, Moghbazar, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh
Phone: 88-02-9338637.
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Md. Tipu Sultan
Deputy Director.
Address : 475, Nayatola, Moghbazar, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh
Phone: 88-02-9338637.
Phone: 01711200269.

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