About SUF

Shimanto Unnayon Foundation (SUF) is a local woman headed, women led and women managed NGO. It was established in January 01, 2005 in the noble aim to build-up better future for the disadvantaged & distressed peoples who are totally helpless and deprived groups of the society. Later on 10 April 2007 was officially registered with Department of Social welfare Government of Bangladesh. And then SUF has been registered with NGO Afffairs Bureau, Department of Women Affairs and Department of Youth Development, Government of Bangladesh. 

SUF focuses on disadvantaged river erosion affected people in Satkhira district, which is a border, coastal and mangrove area of the Bay of Bengal, close to India and near Sundarban Mangrove.  Which is highly disaster prone and waterlogged area, under the leadership Ms. Sakila  Yesmin Meri, a well known woman social worker initiated Shimanto Unnayon Foundation (SUF) to the people who live on char land on the bank of embankment or near any government lands. As they have no facilities of education that is why, they are superstitious, illiterate or less- educated and superstitious peoples are generally making violence against women and children due to their ignorance and that the society is dominated by male.

They have lack of health facility. So they are suffering from various diseases and malnutrition. They are mainly landless, shelter-less and marginal poor farmers, most of them are agriculture laborer. They have the scope to work at best 100-120 days per year, rest of the time they do not have job and as a result they have to fall in starvation. SUF has been working to improve their quality of life from the very beginning..


Mission Statement:

To make a hunger free, poverty free society through providing justice and where everyone will be able to live in peace and harmony, free from starvation, exploitation and oppression and enjoy the rightful share of resources belongs to the society and to ensure spiritual needs of the community.

SUF amplifies the voices of the poor and marginalized in ways that influence public opinion, development practice, and policy at all levels. This happens as knowledge drawn from our grass roots and global experience is channeled through purposeful relationships with civil society, government, and the private sector. Shimanto Unnayon Foundation (SUF) emphasizes  health  mutation  and  sex  and  generation  health  service  program  in the  working  areas  to  kip the  health  of the group  members  sound  Shimanto Unnayon Foundation (SUF) has  been  implementing  health  promotional Activities.


Ø Training Providing

Ø Education.

Ø Cloth Distribution.

Ø Employment and income generation. 

Ø Block Batik Training Program

Ø Beauty Parlor Training Program 

Ø Computer development for youth Basis 

Ø People institution building.

Ø Gender development.

Ø Future citizen development. 

Ø Anti-drug and anti-social activity promotion.

Ø Integration of the poor people in the main stream of national development. 

Ø Involvement of women in to economic and productive activities.

Ø Establishing women and child rights through advocacy at national and international.

Ø Organize community people to address the problem through discussion.

Ø Child rights and disability.

Ø Conduct disaster preparedness and management activities etc.

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Contact Info

  • Address: Vill: Bolianpur, P.O: Sonabaria (9410), Kalaroa, Sathkhira
  • Phone: +88 01923586644
  • Email: suf.meri.org@gmail.com